Steinplatte Waidring - Triassic Park

Hop into the gondola and delve into prehistory!

The interactive theme park Triassic Park brings history to life like never before!

How about an exciting journey back in time? In the Triassic Park on the Steinplatte Waidring, dinos, corals and ammonites thrill explorers young and old - whatever the weather! Where the popular Steinplatte skiing and hiking area is today, the primordial sea Tethys was located 200 million years ago. The Triassic Park offers primeval fun for the whole family with the Triassic Centre, Triassic Beach, Triassic Trail, viewing platform, Fischer's Coral Garden and the Dripstone Cave. This summer, we're bringing the past even more vividly into the future: experience what it's like to stand next to a full-size dinosaur with augmented reality. And there is no shortage of new-age fun such as hiking, climbing and biking too! So, there’s nothing like going up to the Steinplatte and spending some unforgettable moments in prehistoric times!

Opening hours cable cars Steinplatte

  • check18th May til 8th October 2024

  • check9.00 bis 16.45 h

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    Today 2024-06-22

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    Tomorrow 2024-06-24

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    Tomorrow 2024-06-25

  • mainly sunny
  • ac_unitMin.12 °C
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  • opacityPrecipitation45 % (1.8 mm)
  • flagWindSuedost 5 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk60 %
  • 11open lifts
  • 22°Valley9°Mountain
  • flash_on30% Thunderstorm risk
  • 85% Precipitation
  • 5km/h Wind

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