Steinplatte Waidring - Triassic Park

A primordial journey - in the interactive leisure park!

Might we be able to travel back to a time before our time. Into a time where we are not constantly hearing about Corona, but about nature, mountains and the roar from so many pre-historic creatures. Not possible? Of course it is! In Triassic Park on Steinplatte Waidring! Dinosaur-esque fun awaits all ages at 1700m altitude – dinosaurs, corals, ammonites and the primordial ocean right in the 3-border triangle area of Tyrol-Salzburg-Bavaria. Ready for an exciting adventure-packed voyage into the past?

The Steinplatte in Waidring has been around for over 200 million years. It won’t get worked up about the Corona crisis either and is here for guests of all ages in 2021 as usual. As a popular skiing and hiking area between Salzburg, Tyrol and Bavaria, the Steinplatte is alluring, with sporting high points for nature-lovers. It is hard to believe that the primordial ocean, the Tethys, was here millions of years ago and this was the place where giant pre-historic reptiles had fun. Triassic Park is just the place for anyone who would like to immerse themselves in these past times. The interactive adventure park brings history to life like never before. Just enter the time capsule, or rather, the underwater gondola and ... Exit in Alpine yesteryear way,way,way,way,way, way back: Over 200 million years of fun!

Steinplatte cable car opening

  • check29 May to 10 October 2021

  • check9.00 to 16.45

  • Steinplatte Waidring c David Keusch KameradMedia
  • Steinplatte Waidring c David Keusch KameradMedia
  • Steinplatte Waidring c David Keusch KameradMedia

Open-air fun & super cool trail

How did the Trias get its name? What actually is karst? And what do fossilised corals look like up close? You could of course just Google the answers, but the ‘Triassic Trail’ with its stations and viewing points, all the tricky puzzles and giant pre-historic reef are much more exciting. A dinosaur-rich, educational circuit hiking path for all the family (approx. 4 km, 210 metres altitude). But that's not everything. In the ‘Mini lake’ there is a 30 metre long dino tube slide waiting to be discovered. And on ‘Triassic Beach’, the highest located sandy beach in the Alps, so much treasure lies buried. The low ropes course provides additional fun with its obstacle course, and there is also the 70 metre high, coral-shaped viewing platform which gives you goosebumps.

Sunny views - whatever the weather

What to do when it is raining? Simple: Head into the ‘Triassic Centre’ and soak up the ABC of the earth's history. State-of-the-art multi-media technology and life-sized dinosaurs transform complex facts into easy to digest morsels of knowledge – whatever the weather. The latest attraction whisks you off into a limestone cave into the depths of the primordial era. Incidentally, All true-blue dinosaur fans also get to enjoy a real dinosaur birthday party! All information at

Back to the modern era

Steinplatte Waidring has not only been providing fun for primeval hunters for 200 million years, Alpine adventure collectors, including mountain aficionados, mountain bikers, Alpine inn gourmets and of course via ferrata fans and Alpine climbers are catered for too. With its variety-packed hiking trails, climbing routes, bike trails and the omnipresent dreamy panorama, the mountain massif at 1869m guarantees outstanding fun for the modern era. So, Head to Steinplatte and make the primordial time your time!

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