Kitzbühel Alps Trail Card

7 lifts - 8 trails - 1 bike ticket for everything!

There are eight bike trails in the Kitzbühel Alps that are easy to get to via cable cars. You can also get to additional single-trails and Pumptracks in the region. There are also mountain bike tours available here for all ability levels, including the KAT Bike and a network of 1000 kilometre mountain bike and cycle paths. The Kitzbühel Alps offer the best conditions for a variety-packed mountain bike holiday.

Kitzbühel Alps Trail Card

Kitzbühel Alps Trail Card (Summer 2024)AdultsYouths
1 day€ 60,50€ 45,50€ 30,50
2 days€ 110,00€ 82,50€ 55,00
3 days€ 132,00€ 99,00€ 66,00
NEW: Hike & Bike season card€ 433,00€ 325,00€ 216,50
With guest cardAdults with guest cardYouths with guest cardChildren with guest card
1 day€ 57,50€ 43,00€ 29,00
2 days€ 104,50€ 78,50€ 52,50
3 days€ 125,50€ 94,00€ 62,50
NEW: Hike & Bike season card€ 433,00€ 325,00€ 216,50

With Hike & Bike season card and Trail Cards unlimited use of the following 7 lifts in summer 2024:
Hahnenkammbahn, Fleckalmbahn, chairlifts Gaisberg and Sonnenrast, KITZBÜHEL-KIRCHBERG
Hochbrixen cable car, BRIXEN im THALE
Harschbichl cable car 1 (middle station), ST. JOHANN in TIROL
Tauwiesen bike T-bar lift, OBERNDORF in TIROL

In the early and late season, a limited range of lifts is to be expected!
No bonus and outdoor partners are included in the season ticket; not available with bus use!

Kitzbüheler Alpen Trail Card Saisonkarte

Adult€ 433,00
Child€ 216,50
Youth€ 325,00

Gültig bei folgenden Liftanlagen:
Hahnenkammbahn, Fleckalmbahn, 4er-Sesselbahn Sonnenrast, 4er-Sesselbahn Gaisberg, KITZBÜHEL-KIRCHBERG
Gondelbahn Hochbrixen, BRIXEN im THALE
Kabinenbahn Harschbichl (Sekt. 1), ST. JOHANN in TIROL
Tauwiesenlift, OBERNDORF in TIROL
Streubödenbahn, Obingleitnlift, FIEBERBRUNN

Included lift facilities

  • Hochbrixen cable car - Gondola (Brixen im Thale)

  • Fleckalmbahn - Gondola (Kirchberg)

  • Gaisberg lift - 4-seater chairlift (Kirchberg)

  • Hahnenkammbahn - Gondola (Kitzbühel)

  • Sonnenrastbahn - 6-seater Sessellift (Kitzbühel)

  • Harschbichlbahn - Gondola (St. Johann in Tirol)

  • Tauwiesen lift - T-bar lift (Oberndorf in Tirol)

Fleckalm Trail - The "Great Trail of Tirol"

The Fleckalm Trail, spanning some 7.1 kilometres, is one of the longest single-trails in Tyrol. The variety-packed trail nestles amid the impressive mountain realm of the Kitzbühel Alps in the cycling paradise of Kirchberg. Some 1100 metres of descent, peppered with root-strewn sections, larger and smaller jumps and very well-designed banked turns lie in front of you. With the fast ‘Speed’ sections and occasional short counter climbs you get that Enduro feeling.

The challenging route requires a certain amount of concentration, fitness and technical riding skills.

Ideal for combining with the bike transport service provided by the Fleckalmbahn in Kirchberg.

Length: 7.1 km
Metres ascent: 1100m
Difficulty level: S2 - 3 (moderate)


Bike Trail Hahnenkamm

The Hahnenkamm Trail is an easy and variety-packed Flow trail. The route starts right next to the mountain station for the Hahnenkamm and proceeds down to Kitzbühel. The trail is peppered with flowing bends, North Shores, little waves and descents.

The route characteristics mean it is suitable for beginners and advanced level mountain bikers alike.

Ideally you might want to use the Hahnenkammbahn to transport your bike.

Length: 7.2 km
Metres altitude: 850m
Difficulty level: S1


Gaisberg Trail

The Gaisberg Trail provides everything that makes a real downhill route over its 2 kilometre length. On the trail you will find soft forest floor, plenty of roots, speed sections, fast jumps across terrain edges and wood elements. The route proceeds partly in the lift line route and ends near the valley station.

The Gaisberg lift in Kirchberg is a convenient way to get to the trail.

Length: 2.3 km
Metres ascent: 450m
Difficulty level: S3


Lisi Osl Trail

The Lisi Osl Trail is located on the Gaisberg in Kirchberg and is named after Cross-Country World Cup rider Lisi Osl. The natural trail route with flowing sections promises pure downhill fun.

Get to the start of the trail with the Gaisberg lift.

Length: 3.2 km
Metres altitude: 440m ascent
Difficulty level: S2


Sun Trail

The Sun Trail is a Flow Trail with a gravel base. The route proceeds across numerous bends and waves and over Alpine terrain into the valley.

The entrance to the trail is accessible by taking the cable car from Hochbrixen. From the mountain station a 200 metre ascent awaits.

Length: 2.2 km
Metres ascent: 410m
Difficulty level: S0 - S1


Harschbichl Trail

The Harschbichl Trail is a Flow Trail. The route snakes over 145 bends and banked turns, along with 11 Northshore elements, down into the valley.

The entrance to the trail is right at the intermediate station for the Harschbichlbahn and ends at the valley station.

Length: 3.4 km
Metres ascent: 410m
Difficulty level: S2


OD Trails

Beginner cyclists, children and cycling pros can enjoy plenty of fun and action on the OD Trails. There are 4 trails in the bike park: Green, blue, red & black line, a jump line in 3 difficulty levels and a skills area.

The bike T-bar lift is the first of its kind in Tyrol and will take you to the top in comfort.

Green Line: 900 m | 8 % drop
Blue Line: 1200m | 8.5 % drop
Red Line: 700 m | 8 % drop
Black Uphill Trail: 800 m | 11.4 % incline


Bike Area Streuböden

In the new Bike Area Streuböden in Fieberbrunn mountain bikers can discover the new Schweinestberg Trail I and II as well as the Easy Park Obingleiten for those new to riding.

Due to the construction of the new Streubödenbahn cable car in summer 2024, there will be no lift transport. The trails must be reached using your own muscle power.

Schweinestberg Trail I:
Length: 4 km
Metres ascent: 320m
Difficulty level: S1


Explore the Kitzbühel Alps with just one lift pass

The Kitzbühel Alps have eight operational lift facilities for bikers in the summer. Tickets are available to purchase for one or several days, and also for a full season.

The Kitzbühel Alps have all the services mountain bikers need:

  • checkLift facilities

  • checkBike hire & Service stations

  • checkGuided tours

  • checkGPS data

  • checkOutstanding signposting

  • checkBike maps are available from the tourist information office

  • checkWell thought-out tour suggestions

  • checkMountain bike guides and trainers

  • checkMTB courses

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