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6-Seater Harschbichl gondola

The summer offer on the action mountain, the Harschbichl, is impressive! All ages will find a leisure activity to suit. The ‘Hornpark’ forest ropes course at the intermediate station for the Harschbichlbahn and the via ferrata that proceeds from the Harschbichl mountain station up to the Kitzbühel Horn provide action high up in the lofty heights. ‘Downhill action’ is also available on the Harschbichl Trail as well as the mountain cart route.

Eight different courses with 106 elements of varying difficulty levels are there waiting to be tackled in the Hornpark! On the Flying Fox, with a total flight length of some 1000 metres, you get to hover up in through the dizzy heights too. The longest individual rope slide goes across the Angereralm lake.

Opening hours cable cars St. Johann in Tirol - Harschbichlbahn

  • check17th May til 27th October 2024

  • check9.00 til 16.00 h

  • check01.07.- 01.09.: 9.00 til 16.30 h

  • Flying Fox c Mirja Geh
  • Hornpark c Mirja Geh
  • Via ferrata c Mirja Geh

Summer offer in St. Johann in Tirol

The specially designed, variety-packed Mountain cart route covers 3.8 km, proceeding through forests and pastures, with tricky turns and spectacular steep sections from the Harschbichl intermediate station to the valley station, and provides adrenaline and fun for all.

The mountain bike single trail takes in tricky sections over exciting steep bends, Northshore bridges and banked turns down into the valley. Built by renowned trail designers, this flowing single trail snakes its way over a length spanning 4 km from the intermediate station for the Harschbichlbahn into the valley. At the end of the trail a skill area awaits where you get to perfect your riding technique.

On the archery course at Pointenhof and in Oberndorf you can put your target skills to the test, and while tandem paragliding experience new, exciting adventures.

You can take it easy to of course. Whether you want to enjoy the superb views from the Harschbichl to the surrounding mountains after a leisurely gondola ride on the Harschbichlbahn, or take in the wonderful mountains while hiking on the Horn summit mountain trail. After an action-packed day on the Harschbichl you can head back down into the valley, happy and content, via gondola.

OD trails in Oberndorf in Tirol

In the past the cycling options around OD Trails at the Tauwiesen lift in Oberndorf in Tirol have been extended, with an additional 4 trails, Jump Line and Skill Area. The bike park is very well equipped for families, beginners and everyone who wants to improve their riding technique. The Tauwisen lift is the first bike T-bar lift in Tyrol.

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  • Mountain station - Harschbichl

    Mountain station - Harschbichl

    Bergstation - St. Johann

    Today 2024-05-23

  • sun, clouds, rain
  • ac_unitMin.8 °C
  • wb_sunnyMax.20 °C
  • opacityPrecipitation75 % (6.6 mm)
  • flagWindNordost 5 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk40 %

    Tomorrow 2024-05-24

  • sun, clouds, rain
  • ac_unitMin.9 °C
  • wb_sunnyMax.19 °C
  • opacityPrecipitation70 % (5.4 mm)
  • flagWindNordost 5 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk40 %

    Tomorrow 2024-05-25

  • sun, clouds, rain
  • ac_unitMin.9 °C
  • wb_sunnyMax.18 °C
  • opacityPrecipitation75 % (4.9 mm)
  • flagWindNordost 5 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk40 %

    Tomorrow 2024-05-26

  • mainly sunny
  • ac_unitMin.9 °C
  • wb_sunnyMax.22 °C
  • opacityPrecipitation35 % (1.5 mm)
  • flagWindNordost 5 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk40 %
  • 33open lifts
  • 18°Valley6°Mountain
  • flash_on40% Thunderstorm risk
  • 75% Precipitation
  • 5km/h Wind

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