‘Alleskönnerberg’ - the all-rounder mountain - Fieberbrunn

Games, sport, science and invigorating feelings of elation

It is not without reason that Fieberbrunner's local mountain is called the ‘Alleskönnerberg’, after all, it opens up an emotional space for all the senses. At the Streuböden intermediate station activity fans and families will find a wonderful panorama circuit trail around Streubödensee in Timok’s Wild World along with rollercoaster fun, water games & the like. Hiking and climbing fans can head out from the Lärchfilzkogel mountain station and enjoy superb summit adventures and head via the unique Wildseelodersee into hiking freedom in Fieberbrunner's mountains. Welcome to the Alleskönnerberg!

Opening hours cable cars Fieberbrunn

  • check18th May til 2nd November 2023

  • checkSektion 1 (Streuböden): 8.30 til 17.30 h

  • checkSektion 2 (Lärchfilzkogel): 8.30 til 17 h

  • checkTimoks Coaster (from 18th Mai): 10 til 17 h

Timok’s Wild World... coast, splash about, be amazed

Timok’s Wild World at the Streuböden intermediate station is spot on for anyone who has a spirit for discovery: Whereas on Timok’s Alpine Coaster you speed downhill in a two-seater berth, in the forest ropes course in the shade of the tree tops, it is skilfulness that shines through. Timok’s water games provide plenty of refreshment in two areas of water, with lots of play equipment. Those who prefer things to be a little more tranquil will be amazed during a leisurely stroll around Streubödensee. Add to that, Timok’s fallow deer enclosure and a climbing park, where the animals and games are the entertaining features.

Europe’s first digital Alpine circuit trail

Hiking with kids and App. In conjunction with ‘Tiroler Landesmuseen’, Fieberbrunn cable cars take you into the Wildalm area to enjoy some educational fun „Museum Goes Wild“. Starting from the Lärchfilzkogel mountain station and kitted out with a Smartphone and a specifically designed App, on Europe’s first digital Alpine circuit trail proceed via 10 stations and come "across" grasses, shrubbery and animals. In a good hour you find out lots of interesting and surprising information about the flora, fauna & geology in the Wildseeloder. For instance, how an entire mountain range can head off on its travels, how clones work in nature and why plants can be real traitors. Hiking fun for all the family - with fun stories and short educational films.

Probably the most beautiful mountain lake in the Alps

Along with wild, romantic hiking paths and breath-taking panoramas Mother Nature has worked a bit of magic at almost 2000m: Wildseelodersee - probably the loveliest mountain lake in the Alps. Around an hour from the Lärchfilzkogel via a well designed family hiking path , a rare Alpine gem nestles in this mountain area.

Alpine flower trail with views to the Tauern

From Wildseeloderhaus heading to Henne is the wonderful Flower trail around the Hochhörndlspitze. Surrounded by lots of conservation protected Alpine flowers, this path continues to the Reckmoos, where a breath-taking view to the Weiße Tauern awaits. On the way back to Wildseelodersee you can marvel at the Maueracker – a natural beauty spot, that proceeds along from Reckmoos into the mountain basin.

Heavenly summiteering in the via ferrata

For everyone who wants to experience Fieberbrunn from a bird's eye view, there are two via ferrata in five different difficulty levels available. While on the ’Himmel und Henne’ panorama via ferrata route (difficulty level A) all the family can climb about without much trouble, the via ferrata on the route to the Henne provides plenty of variety with the ‘Geduldig’ (B), the ‘Rassig’ (C) and the ‘Zache’ (D) sections. Via the sporty Marokka via ferrata (C) you get to scale the 2019 metre summit of the smae name, also known as the Matterhorn of the Kitzbühel Alps.

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  • Livecam Fieberbrunn - Streuböden Mittelstation

    Livecam Fieberbrunn - Streuböden Mittelstation

  • Livecam Fieberbrunn - Lärchfilzkogel Bergstation

    Livecam Fieberbrunn - Lärchfilzkogel Bergstation

  • Livecam Fieberbrunn - Reckmoos Bergstation

    Livecam Fieberbrunn - Reckmoos Bergstation

  • Livecam Fieberbrunn - Streuboeden Talstation

    Livecam Fieberbrunn - Streuboeden Talstation

    Today 2023-12-06

  • light snow shower, sun and clouds
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    Tomorrow 2023-12-07

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    Tomorrow 2023-12-08

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    Tomorrow 2023-12-09

  • light snow shower, sun and clouds
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  • opacityPrecipitation50 % (4.6 mm)
  • flagWindSued 5 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk0 %

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