Paintball Kitzbühel

Paintball is played as part of a group. Whether it is a family party, team building events, birthday parties – whatever. Here with us, groups of 6 people and over are always welcome. The play area is yours for 2 hours; longer if there are 20 people or more. We kit you out with everything you need for paintball action: Markers, protective masks, suits etc. The best thing for you to do is bring sturdy footwear, gloves and suitable clothing in which you can move about in easily. Further information is available on our website.

Paintball is generally played in the summer. However, it can also be played in the winter in Kitzbühel’s paintball area. Winter action really heats up after just a few minutes.

Prices Paintball Kitzbühel

  • checkPaintball 2 hours incl. equipment, 500 pellets/person € 40 instead of € 44

Paintball is available to over 16s only, by advance registration. Details about opening hours can be found at

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