2-seater Bichlalm chairlift

Take the Bichlalm two-seater chairlift to one of the loveliest located Kneipp pools in the Kitzbühel Alps. Look forward to a pleasure-packed ascent and superb panoramic views. Even on the journey up you get to float away from the daily grind and discover the spectacular panorama. Charming contour line hikes (Karst trail, Alpine flower garden, kids climbing path), Stuckkogel, Aurach’s Hochwildalm or Aurach Wildlife Park and numerous refreshment stops hep you while away the time.

Opening hours Bichlalm

  • checkfrom 15th June til 29th Septebmer 2024 daily

  • check9.00 - 17.30 h

*Please enquire by 10.00 at kitzski.at, to find out if the Bichlalm chair lift is operating.

Contour line hikes & Kneipp on the Bichlalm

Those of you who have never tried contour line hiking definitely ought to give it a go. The benefits of combining with the summer cable cars are then even greater. Our tip: a hike from the Kitzbühel Horn to the Bichlalm. The route passes Hornköpflsee and when visibility allows, there is fantastic panoramic view to the summits of the Hohe Tauern.

Once you reach Bichlalm, the Kneipp pool provides welcome refreshment. Moderate exercise during a contour line hike regenerates body, mind and soul. It has been scientifically proven that views of green spaces promote health and activate the body’s ability to heal. Hiking strengthens the immune system and promotes cardiac health. Kneipp activates the circulation, blood flow and metabolism. After cooling off in the Kneipp facilities, take the Bichlalm chairlift back down into the valley. Either take the bus or walk back to the Kitzbüheler Hornbahn car park.

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Latest live details


  • Livecam Bichlalm - Kitzbühel

    Livecam Bichlalm - Kitzbühel

    Bichlalm Bergstation

    Today 2024-06-22

  • sun, clouds, rain
  • ac_unitMin.6 °C
  • wb_sunnyMax.13 °C
  • opacityPrecipitation85 % (21.9 mm)
  • flagWindNordwest 10 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk35 %

    Tomorrow 2024-06-23

  • thick clouds, some rain
  • ac_unitMin.6 °C
  • wb_sunnyMax.10 °C
  • opacityPrecipitation85 % (1.3 mm)
  • flagWindNord 10 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk0 %

    Tomorrow 2024-06-24

  • mainly sunny
  • ac_unitMin.9 °C
  • wb_sunnyMax.16 °C
  • opacityPrecipitation20 % (0.3 mm)
  • flagWindOst 10 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk20 %

    Tomorrow 2024-06-25

  • sun, clouds, rain
  • ac_unitMin.12 °C
  • wb_sunnyMax.18 °C
  • opacityPrecipitation50 % (4.6 mm)
  • flagWindOst 10 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk45 %

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