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In the water fun, natural experience provided by Witches’ Water in Söll, even adults become children again. At numerous discovery stations, nature and its wonders, can be explored in a fun way. The creative experience stations mean children and adults won’t get bored in this leisure park, awarded the National Tourism Award & and the Alps Award. The revolving panorama terrace makes the view to Tyrol’s' loveliest viewing mountain, the Hohe Salve, something really very special. On the Sonnenuhrenweg you get to immerse yourself in the history of time measurement and listen to the wind as the resounds on the wind harp.

Opening hours cable cars Söll - Hexenwasser

  • check09.05. til 27.10.2024

  • check09.00 -17.30 h

Witches’ Water Söll

‘Be amazed, grasp and understand’

In Witches’ Water, nature and its little and big wonders are to the fore. Stations, paths and wonder chambers can be investigated off your own bat, or with a guide. From the Bare Foot Trail through the stream and meadows, the singing bowls under the witches’ parasols, to the witches’ ladder and the sundial path to the Hohe Salve. There are things to gaze in wonder at, grasp and explore at every turn. Give yourself a bit of time and take a proper look.

Head into a world of sorcery

Witches’ Water is situated at 1150 metres in Hochsöll, at the foot of the Hohe Salve. In days past, it is said that two strange sisters lived there. Due to their exceptional knowledge of herbal lore, these sisters were said to be witches. Time and again unusual occurrences were brought about by these witches, which caused a stir. Many years have now since passed and 300 years later, Witches’ Water now bubbles up from many sources, from the Hohe Salve above Hochsöll down into the valley. We can thank these two ladies and their sorcery.

In the mountain adventure realm of Witches’ Water you can explore the tracks of the witches at many points and find out more about their unusual lifestyle. The witches’ ensure you enjoy a HeXpedition superb time and at the 5 tended Witches’ Water stations, where you get to pitch in, potter about and sample. So you can delve deeper into Witches’ Water, glean some real witches’ knowledge and take a little bit of sorcery back home as a memento.

The adventure stations in Witches’ Water

  • checkBee hive

  • checkBlaues Wunder

  • checkSimonalm

  • checkWitches’ parasols

  • checkShoe museum

  • checkBarefoot trail

  • checkSound stones

  • checkWitches’ ladder

  • checkSchaffelbad

  • checkSorcery

  • checkKneipp pool

  • checkCherry cinema

  • checkStone mill

  • checkCherry garden

  • checkRavens nest

  • checkBread baking

  • checkUnderstanding the cows

  • checkAlpine cattle theatre

  • checkHohe Salve

  • checkHexophonie

Key facts Witches’ Water

  • Car parking: Right at the valley station for Söll cable car (free)

  • WC: At the cable car

  • Refreshments: Alpengasthof Hochsöll, Stöcklalm, Gründlalm, Gasthaus Salvenmoos, Gipfelrestaurant Hohe Salve

  • Suitable for prams: Yes. Pram transport available in the gondola. The path is suitable for prams.

  • Ascent: Direct via Witches’ Water and Hohe Salve gondola

  • Prices: Free entry with a cable car Adventure Card / Summer Card, HeXpeditions are available to book for anyone interested, families and groups

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  • 22open lifts
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  • flash_on30% Thunderstorm risk
  • 85% Precipitation
  • 5km/h Wind

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