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Right at the mountain station for the 8EUB Brandstadl is KaiserWelt, a play area at 1650m altitude. Enjoy countless adventures at the castle walls, the climbing wall, in the tree huts and on the play equipment, and discover the secrets of the forest. The Jochstubenweg takes you to Jochstubensee. The lake tempts those of you who are looking for relaxation to dream and just relax for a while. It also offers the highest sailing experience in Europe.

Opening hours cable cars Scheffau - KaiserWelt

  • check18.05. til 27.10.2024

  • check9.00 - 17.00 h

KaiserWelt Scheffau

From Kaiserwald to Jochstub´nsee

KaiserWelt, a play realm up at 1650m, is located right at the mountain station for the Brandstadlbahn. From there, pass by twisting paths and secret tree huts, to head ever deeper into the KaiserWald forest. While out tracing the steps of the former emperor, you search for his lost precious gems. An unforgettable journey, with countless adventures and puzzles awaits little explorers at the 7 adventure stations in KaiserWald. With a bit of luck all that lost treasure might be found again.

Adventure stations in KaiserWelt

  • checkThe Kaiserwald has tree huts, climbing wall, castle walls and much more

  • checkCovered sand pit play area

  • checkTrampoline and swings

  • checkTractors with trailers

  • checkCraft workshop and the Kaiser shop

  • checkKnights and knaves labyrinth

  • checkKneipp pool

  • checkJochstub´n See

  • checkEurope’s highest sailing experience with skipper Fritz

Key facts KaiserWelt

  • Car parking: Right at the valley station for Scheffau cable car (free)

  • WC: At the cable car

  • Refreshments: Bergrestaurant Brandstadl, Bergrestaurant Jochstub´n, Tanzbodenalm, Kummerer Alm, Au-Hochalm, Neualm

  • Suitable for prams: Yes. Pram transport available in the gondola. The majority of the paths are suitable for prams.

  • Ascent: Direct via Brandstadlbahn I & II

  • Prices: Free entry with the Cable car Adventure Card / Summer Card

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  • Brandstadl Restaurant

    Brandstadl Restaurant


  • Jochstub'n-See



    Today 2024-05-23

  • sun, clouds, rain
  • ac_unitMin.4 °C
  • wb_sunnyMax.10 °C
  • opacityPrecipitation75 % (5.1 mm)
  • flagWindOst 5 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk35 %

    Tomorrow 2024-05-24

  • sun, clouds, rain
  • ac_unitMin.4 °C
  • wb_sunnyMax.9 °C
  • opacityPrecipitation65 % (3.4 mm)
  • flagWindSuedwest 10 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk35 %

    Tomorrow 2024-05-25

  • sun, clouds, rain
  • ac_unitMin.4 °C
  • wb_sunnyMax.9 °C
  • opacityPrecipitation70 % (2 mm)
  • flagWindNord 5 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk35 %

    Tomorrow 2024-05-26

  • mainly sunny
  • ac_unitMin.5 °C
  • wb_sunnyMax.12 °C
  • opacityPrecipitation35 % (1.9 mm)
  • flagWindOst 5 km/h
  • flash_onThunderstorm risk30 %
  • 22open lifts
  • 18°Valley6°Mountain
  • flash_on40% Thunderstorm risk
  • 75% Precipitation
  • 5km/h Wind

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