Westendorf flying school

Take a deep breath. A brief tug on the lines. Check glance. Three, four steps. Off you go'! No other flying sport comes close to mankind’s age-old dream of flying as paragliding does: no complicated techniques, no stress... Take your aircraft out of your rucksack at the starting point and a short while later you lift off. It's as simple as it sounds, you can learn how to paraglide with ease...

Prices Westendorf flying school

  • checkTandem flight with paraglider € 111.60 instead of € 124

  • checkPanorama tandem flight with paraglider € 160.20 instead of € 178

  • checkParagliding taster course € 56.25 instead of € 75

  • checkParagliding taster course € 51 instead of € 60

Details about opening hours can be found at www.para.at

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